Electroplating refers to the technology of coating a layer of other metals on the surface of the conductors by applying the principle of electrolysis, to prevent metal oxidation such as rust, improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflection, corrosion resistance, and enhance appearance. In addition to conductors, electroplating can also be used on plastics with special treatment.

The electroplated layers are more evenly distributed than the hot-dipped layers. Generally, it’s very thin, ranging from several to tens of microns. Through electroplating, decorative, protective, and functional layers can be obtained on mechanical products. The worn-out and failed workpieces can also be repaired.

Electroplating is not only an electrochemical process but also a redox process. Immerse the components in the metal salt solution as the cathode, and the metal plate as the anode, the required coating will deposit on the components when connecting to the power supply. According to the coatings, it can be categorized into chroming, coppering, cadmium plating, tinning, and galvanizing. It can be divided into a protective coating, protective and decorative coating, decorative coating, corrective coating, and functional coating, based on the applications.

Mainly related to the size and batch of parts to be plated, electroplating includes rack plating, barrel plating, continuous plating, and brush plating, Rack plating is suitable for general-sized products, such as car bumpers, bike handles, etc. Barrel plating applies to small parts, fasteners, washers, and pins, etc. Continuous plating is used for the mass production of wires and strips. Brush plating is for partial plating and repair.


Galvanizing is a process of forming an evenly distributed, dense, and well-bonded metal or alloy deposition layer on the surface of the workpieces by electrolysis. Compared with other metals, zinc is relatively easy to be plated. It is a cost-effective anti-corrosion electrodeposited coating that allows Canaan Site Furnishings being able to always provide great value products with competitive prices. The galvanized steel frames and components prevent products from corrosion and ensure product service life.