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Outdoor commercial ashtrays serve a practical function because cigarette butts could easily cause fire if they are not disposed properly. Cigarette bins should be accessible outside such as office buildings or parks. As employers, always ensure your employees are satisfied if they are smokers by installing a wall-mounted ashtray.

Canaan Inc. offers durable commercial outside ashtrays in Canada, all in customizable, contemporary designs. Choose between powder-coated steel and stainless steel to ensure protection from the elements and heavy duty use. Both free-standing and commercial wall mounted ashtrays are available and can be customized by material, size, color and style. They are weatherproof, windproof and fireproof. Locking options are provided to deter vandalism, and free-standing models can be surface mounted to the ground for extra security.

Add a personal touch to your outside cigarette butt receptacles by printing your logo or text on the surface. Inquire about our customized outdoor ashtrays today!