Sustainability – Wood Composites

wood composite
wood composite

In over 10 years, Canaan Site Furnishings has avoided millions of plastics going into landfills by manufacturing wood composites.

Wood composite is manufactured through the recycling of  organic wood material, such as sawdust, and thermoplastics such as PE, PP and PVCs. Our wood composite is made of 95% recycled materials and is manufactured as a finished product. There is no need to stain, paint or sand the material.

Wood composite is very durable and possesses the same attributes as real wood. It reflects real wood colors, patterns and textures and is engineered to feature a co-extruded shield encasing all four sides around its core. This provides a  scratch, stain, and fade resistance furniture.

Due to these qualities, wood composite is resistant to rot and decay, and unlike real wood, it does not require high maintenance. Wood composite is manufactured to be durable and sturdy, making it Canadian-weather proof. It stands through time, inclement weather and natural elements. This makes it a more economical choice for consumers and a more sustainable choice for the community.

Our wood composite does not have volatile organic compound (VOC) and are made with no added urea-formaldehyde.

Canaan commits to promoting sustainability and reduction of carbon footprints. We minimize the release of greenhouse gases when we manufacture our recycled materials.

wood composite color options
wood composite picnic table
wood composite picnic bench
wood composite park bench

*Color options presented on this chart may vary on different monitor settings. For an accurate color, texture and finishing assessment, it is recommended to obtain a sample plate from your sales representative