Commercial Outdoor Bike Racks

As more cities and towns are determined to become bicycle-friendly, bike storage solutions like outdoor bike racks have become an important topic for businesses, parks, and properties. At Canaan, we have the widest selection of commercial outdoor bicycle parking racks, available in a wide range of styles, materials, colours, and configurations. There are two main types of outdoor bike racks we offer:

High-capacity bike racks – Designed to provide the maximum capacity within limited space, these are your serpentine wave racks and grid racks. They provide an economical way to accommodate and organize a large number of bikes. They are commonly seen in many high-density urban areas. These bike racks are good for public places or even private properties. Great for outside the office, library, school, grocery stores parks, and even place one outside your house in the front yard.

Individual bike stands – Usually in an inverted “U”, ornamental or ring-style, these types of bike racks provide less capacity (1~2 bikes each) in exchange for better security and bike-friendliness. Individual bike stands always provide two point of contacts and allow the frame and at least one wheels to be locked to the rack with proper locks.

All of our bicycle racks are made from industrial-grade galvanized steel or stainless steel.

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