Canaan’s masterworks are available for custom designs in various materials, shapes, colors, sizes, and assembling configurations. Our commercial outdoor furniture is the perfect solution to your unique landscaping demands. Personalizing benches, picnic tables, planters, trash and recycling containers, ashtrays, bike racks, bollards, tree guards, and memorial plaques for the best matches to your brand, building, and landscape designs.


ADA Compliance

Canaan offers accessibility compliant designs for benches and tables based on the researches on ADA and AODA compliance in different cities across North America to get everyone involved in the community.

The bench should have a minimum seat height of 405 mm – 500 mm from the ground and a backrest with an estimated height of 450 mm. The armrest should be an estimate of 220 mm from the seat. The benches should be located to one side of public walkways or paths and mounted on a firm and level base. A space should be available beside the bench for at least one person using a wheelchair or a scooter. The minimum clearance should be 1015 mm by 1220 mm. That said space should have a firm base to hold the weight of the person on the wheelchair or scooter.


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