Tree guards and tree grates protect young and vulnerable trees from harsh weather, help roots develop in protective surroundings away from vandalism, and promote healthy growth.

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Our tree guards feature a variety of high-quality materials:
-Plastic grate design to protect tree trunks
-Anti-corrosion-treated steel construction for durability
-Grated structure allows for optimal airflow and growth

We offer tree guards in both plastic and anti-corrosion-treated steel variants. The plastic guards provide a lightweight, protective barrier, while the steel guards offer enhanced durability for long-lasting outdoor use.

No additional coatings are required, as the plastic and steel materials are inherently weather-resistant. This ensures the tree guards maintain their appearance and functionality over time, even in demanding outdoor environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Our Tree guards

How do the grated tree guards benefit the tree?

The grated design of our tree guards promotes healthy airflow around the tree trunk. This airflow, combined with the protective barrier, helps prevent damage and supports the natural growth of the tree.

Are your tree guards suitable for use with any tree size or type?

Our tree guards are versatile and can be used with a wide variety of tree sizes and species. The adjustable, modular design allows the guards to accommodate trees with different trunk widths.