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Memorial Plaques For Benches

Commemorate and preserve the memories of your loved ones by creating a custom message that can be engraved onto our memorial plaques.

A lot of cities and customers obtain their benches from Canaan and have the furnishing pieces memorialized using a customized memorial plaque. We have a number of options for different types of benches that you can choose from that can be used as a commemorative bench and have it customized.

These memorial benches can be placed in parks, community retirement centres, hospitals and cemeteries.

Plaques can also be used to personalize or advertise your benches by adding the logo of your company.

Canaan offers customizable memorial plaques for those who want to commemorate special people or events in their lives. Plaques are available to be installed on the different styles of benches we offer. Great option for memorial or dedication purposes. The plaque is securely flush mounted to the furnishing for a comfortable feel and design.

We offer an 11″ x 4″ customizable engraved cast aluminum and cast bronze and a matte black aluminum plate for the backing. Multiple plaque materials, sizes and colour options available.

For more info, call us at +1-877-305-6638 or send us an email at sales@canaansf.com

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