Fire Code Compliance

fire code compliance self closing lid trash receptacle
steel commercial trash bin

Canaan Site Furnishings trash receptacles should follow fire code compliance as to prohibit flammable incidents.

Waste Receptacles

(1) Materials subject to spontaneous ignition, such as greasy or oily rags, shall be deposited in a receptacle constructed of noncombustible materials, have a close-fitting or self closing metal cover, and the flooring material upon which it is placed is non-combustible, have a flanged bottom or legs not less than 50 mm high, and not be placed closer than 1m to combustible materials.

(2) Ashes shall be stored in receptacles that are constructed with non combustible materials and have a close-fitting or self closing lid. The flooring material where the receptacle is placed should not be combustible. Flammable materials shall not be stored with ashes in the same receptacle.

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