Choosing the right recycling receptacles for a recycling program can be challenging. This guide will help you navigate through the process of selecting the best recycling solution for your project. We are here to assist in creating the most economical and efficient waste management strategy that will benefit your corporate and community.


First of all, the location and space availability determine most features of the recycling bin. It is critical to understand how the bin will be utilized in the public and how the weather would affect its functionality. Size and capacity depend on the traffic, population, and the frequency of the collection schedule. Please check with your city and contractor for available options. The number of containers also depends on the available services your City and contractor provide and, most importantly, the waste your business produces. It is definitely more economical to purchase a recycling bin with multiple containers than an individual waste can.


According to the City of Toronto Accessibility Design Guidelines, freestanding objects should be located to one side of pedestrian routes without limiting the width of the normal route or causing a hazard to persons with visual limitations. It is recommended a minimum of 1100 mm wide of accessible public indoor space accommodates users of mobility aids.  As for outdoor clearance, a minimum of 1525 mm wide is needed for two-way pedestrian traffic, and a minimum of 915 mm is required for temporary establishments. Therefore, it is critical to understand the space available before selecting the design and size of receptacles. You can find more information on the Accessibility and Disabilities Act (ADA) page.


Below are all features we can customize:
  • Mounting options
  • Loading Door
  • Rooftop
  • Mounting
  • Deposit Access
  • Body
  • Liner


For more information about how each feature is utilized for your needs, please email us at sales@canaansf.com or call us at +1-877-305-6638

For more information regarding powder coating options, please find color options on the Color Chart and Materials page.

Customize Your Recycling Receptacles

If you already have a design in mind, you may download, fill and forward the form to sales@canaansf.com for further assistance.