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Commercial Outdoor Recycling Receptacle CRC-813


Commercial outdoor recycling receptacle CRC-813 is a 4-side transparent waste bin with acrylic boards. It’s built with galvanized steel and finished with anti-corrosion treatment. CRC-813 is the best for public transit stations, business centers, streets, and other urban commercial settings.
Full customization in color, material, label, and text is available.

CRC-813 is constructed with galvanized steel and acrylic boards.

Length: 89.7″ / 227.8 cm
Width: 19.2″ / 48.8 cm
Height: 41.34″ / 105 cm

Weight: 330 lbs. / 150 kg

  • A tempered glass panel is available
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CRC-813 Recycling Bin:

  • Constructed with galvanized steel
  • Acrylic boards


Length: 89.7″ / 228 cm
Width: 19.2″ / 49 cm
Height: 41.34″ / 105 cm

Weight: 330 lbs. / 150 kg

Color Options

Color Options

Canaan Site Furnishings has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


For individuals who appreciate durability, sustainability, and design, CRC-813 Commercial Outdoor Recycling Receptacle is an exceptional option

This trash can’s four-sided transparency facilitates instant visual confirmation of its contents, encouraging efficient recycling methods in public areas. Designed to withstand the severe conditions of outside urban circumstances, CRC-813 Recycling Bin galvanized steel and treated with an effective anti-corrosion treatment.

This recycling bin is ideal for busy streets, commercial areas, and public transportation stops since it adds aesthetic value to the area while fulfilling a useful purpose. The clear acrylic boards provide a contemporary touch and aid in keeping things tidy and clean, which promotes public usage and makes garbage management and sorting easier.

Moreover, CRC-813 is unique in that it may be fully customized. The color, material, label, and text are all customizable to satisfy regional or branding specifications. This degree of customization guarantees that the container may fit in perfectly with any surroundings, promoting environmental awareness and expressing the community’s or commercial brand’s distinctive characteristics.

Also, everyone can operate the CRC-813 with ease given its straightforward design. Effective garbage disposal and collection are available with the receptacle’s accessible design and obvious markings, essential for high-traffic locations. Selecting the CRC-813 means that you’re picking a recycling solution that’s both reliable and easy to use.

Simply put, the CRC-813 Commercial Outdoor Recycling Receptacle is an investment in the future of the community’s environment, not just a trash can. Its existence represents a move in the direction of more conscientious waste management techniques in commercial urban environments. With its seamless integration of form and function, this container is a great option for anybody trying to increase inquiries and sales. Professional designers and project managers will find it appealing as well.

In conclusion, the CRC-813 is a wise addition to any metropolitan area, providing durability, style, and flexibility to satisfy the needs of any business environment. It is a representation of dedication to a greener, cleaner future that is in perfect harmony with the demands of the modern, sustainable society.

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