Canaan Site Furnishings takes corporate social responsibility seriously. We never stopped giving back to the communities with material support, and also, we put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy.

Mission and Goals

Globally, human civilization has left a huge footprint on the environment and caused serious climate change. The negative impact has thrown us and our future generations into a critical situation. Social responsibility and sustainability have become the significant goals of business enterprises. Businesses in all scales should integrate reducing environmental footprint into their business development and growth.

Canaan’s mission is to reduce as many footprints on the planet as we can through operations, manufacturing, and the products we offer. There are three goals to be achieved: creating zero waste, operating and producing with 100% renewable energy, and selling products that sustain resources and the environment.


Canaan Evergreens Program

The program aims to engage the entire Canaan universe in taking actions on sustainability through a series of designed activities.

Evergreens Close-up

Program Scope

  1. Office sustainability
  2. Energy use and GHG emissions
  3. Natural resources sustainability
  4. Waste reduction and diversion


  • Understand our expectations and requirements in relation to the environment.
  • Contribute to and improve the social value and community benefits.
  • Improve resource efficiency including the use of raw materials, water, and energy.
  • Increase awareness of climate change company-wide.
  • Nurture a sustainable life habit among employees and increase its influence on their family and friends. 

Program Breakdown

Office Sustainability
  • Our office shares saving tips and reviews sustainability performance monthly.
  • Office members are assigned to check and ensure that office equipment is switched off or unplugged before weekends and holidays.
  • Only non-disposable cutlery, dishes, cups are provided in the office.
  • Our office circulates documents and memos through emails or shared drives instead of making hard copies for everyone.
  • Meeting agendas are displayed via projector instead of making hard copies for everyone.
  • Office printers are set to double-sided printing and copying.
  • Our office uses FSC certified printer paper.
  • Scrap paper is collected for making notes.
  • The printer contrast was turned down for toner saving.
  • Our office uses recycled toner cartridges.
  • Files and documents are stored electronically in a shared filing system.
Energy Use and GHG Emissions
  • Our factory uses green energy (wind and hydro).
  • Our office and plant assess energy efficiency when purchasing equipment.
  • Our factory selects equipment or tools with a build-in smart power cut-off function.
  • Our factory administrators must check on power supplies and make sure plugs are removed when the equipment is not in use or when it is on weekends and holidays.
  • Our office uses energy-efficient lighting.
  • Employees use public transit to work.
  • Employees carpool to work.
  • Employees walk or cycle to work.
  • We hold/ attend virtual meetings or webinars when doable instead of traveling to partners, clients, or suppliers.
  • We hold training on energy use and GHG emission reduction.
Natural Resources Sustainability
  • Our factory uses renewable resources power instead of coal or natural gas.
  • Our plant has a sewage filtration system to make the water can be reused in the production cycle.
  • Our products are produced with 100% materials such as steels, stainless steels, aluminum, or recycled plastics that can be recycled again.
  • Our metal products are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with UV resistant 5-step powder coating, which is lead-free, has no hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), and contains less than 1% VOCs.
Waste Reduction and Diversion
  • Office members are required to sort and dispose of waste into appropriate containers.
  • Our office is equipped with multi-purpose recycling receptacles for waste, cans and bottles, and paper.
  • Cardboard boxes are reused
  • Our office is equipped with recycling containers to properly store used batteries and printer cartridges.
  • Our packaging contains recycled materials.
  • Our packaging is recyclable, reusable, compostable, or biodegradable.