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Steel Commercial Recycling Receptacle CRC-815


Steel commercial recycling receptacle CRC-815 is a four-side transparent designed recycling receptacle made with galvanized steel and acrylic boards. CRC-815 is the best for meeting waste management and aesthetic requirement at the same time. Ideally for business centers, streets, shopping centers, parks, etc.

CRC-815 is constructed with anti-corrosion-treated steel and acrylic boards. This model comes with galvanized steel liners.

Length: 50″ / 127 cm
Width: 23.03″ / 58.5 cm
Height: 36.02″ / 91.5 cm


  • A tempered glass panel is available
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CRC-815 Recycling Bin:

Constructed with anti-corrosion-treated steel

Acrylic boards

Galvanized steel liners



Length: 50″ / 127 cm
Width: 23.03″ / 59 cm
Height: 36.02″ / 92 cm

Color Options

Color Options

Canaan Site Furnishings has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


CRC-815 Steel Commercial Recycling Receptacle is the ideal example of how style and utility come together seamlessly

This container made with great care is more than just a simple container—it’s a statement of sustainability. Users may adopt an ecologically mindful approach through the transparent, four-sided design, which provides insight into responsible disposal activities. Built from sturdy galvanized steel and premium acrylic boards, the CRC-815 is a model of longevity and visibility, guaranteeing that its contents are recognizable assisting in the prevention of contamination and promoting appropriate sorting.

The CRC-815 is perfect for a range of environments, as it blends in perfectly with commercial districts, busy streets, retail malls, and green spaces. Its versatile style looks good in both urban and outdoor environments.

Furthermore, this recycling container has two functions:

First of all, it effectively addresses the crucial waste management requirements of high-traffic areas. Secondly, with its sleek and contemporary style, it accomplishes while improving the space’s overall appeal.

Furthermore, the user is the primary focus of the CRC-815 Recycling Bin’s design. Easy access to locations for recycling is among its user-friendly characteristics, as are alternatives that make it as easy as possible for garbage collection workers to remove contents with little difficulty. An important component of any public waste disposal system is ensuring that the receptacle retains its usability and hygiene over time, which is ensured by this design consideration.

An excellent option is the CRC-815 Steel Commercial Recycling Receptacle. It not only serves a necessary purpose, but it also complements the visual and environmental objectives of modern urban planning.

To sum up, CRC-815 Recycling Station speaks to both a strong sense of style and environmental responsibility. It’s an investment in a future with less pollution and in a more orderly, clean public area.

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