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Street Commercial Recycling Bin CRC-140

Street commercial recycling bin CRC-140 is a 2-unit recycling receptacle that is one best option for anyone or organization to whom sustainability matters. This product is made of eco-friendly materials and finished with anti-corrosion treatment, works great in both indoor and outdoor spaces such as streets, community centers, shopping centers, business buildings, etc.

Full customization in color, material, label, and text is available.

CRC-140 is constructed with recycled plastic lumbers and galvanized steel and comes with galvanized liners.

Length: 42.6″ / 108.3 cm
Width: 25.3″ / 64.30 cm
Height: 47.8″ / 120 cm
Weight: 169.8 lbs. / 77 kg
Capacity: 48 gal. (each)