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Outdoor Stainless-Steel Recycling Receptacle CRC-706-3S

Outdoor stainless steel recycling receptacle CRC-706-3S is a commercial recycling set consisting of three separate recycling units which allow users to either put them together or do custom combinations. CRC-706-3S is a great choice for offices, shopping centers, business centers, libraries, public transit stations, etc.

CRC-706 is constructed with stainless steel and comes with galvanized steel liners.

Length: 17.6″ / 44.7 cm per bin
Height: 31.9″ / 81 cm
Weight: 44.1 lbs. / 20 kg (each)
Capacity: 23 gals. (each)

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CRC-706 Commercial Recycling Bin:

  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • With galvanized steel liners


Length: 36.18″ / 92 cm
Height: 32.28″ / 82 cm
Width: 16.69″/42 cm
Capacity: 23 gal. (each)

Color Options

Color Options

Canaan Site Furnishings has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


Enhance your space’s sustainability activities with the Outdoor Stainless Steel Recycling Receptacle CRC-706-3S, a stylish and adaptable recycling option

This recycling bin set, which consists of three independent pieces, provides exceptional versatility, allowing for solitary placement or innovative combinations to meet the particular needs of any space.

The Recycling Bin CRC-706-3S, made of high-grade stainless steel, combines durability and modern style. Each bin is weather-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor applications, but its polished appearance also works well indoors. From the office setting to the busy corridors of retail malls, this recycling collection can serve high-traffic areas in style and efficiency.

The recycling receptacles’ smart design invites user participation, and each unit is convenient to aid with trash separation. This user-friendly function not only helps to keep the environment clean, but it also emphasizes the value of recycling. Individual compartments can be arranged to create a recycling station for paper, plastics, and general garbage at public transport stops, corporate centers, and libraries.

Furthermore, the CRC-706-3S Recycling Bin set is more than merely practical; it adds value to places. The modular design of these bins allows you to customize the recycling system to meet both space limits and user requirements. This versatility, along with the simple yet stylish appearance, makes the CRC-706-3S an excellent choice for individuals seeking to combine practical sustainability with aesthetic appeal.

Aware of the demand for customization, the CRC-706-3S allows for color and label alterations, guaranteeing that every recycling unit fulfills its intended function and blends in with its surroundings. This attention to detail distinguishes the CRC-706-3S recycling bin as a top alternative for waste management solutions.

Incorporating the CRC-706-3S outdoor stainless steel recycling bin into your workplace demonstrates a dedication to sustainability, while also providing a useful and eye-catching option that appeals to environmentally aware customers.

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