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Commercial Stainless-Steel Recycling Bin CRC-706N

Commercial stainless steel recycling bin CRC-706N is a 3-unit recycling receptacle that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor waste management demands such as business centers, shopping centers, libraries, community centers, etc.

Full customization in color, material, label, and text is available.

CRC-706N is constructed with stainless steel and comes with galvanized steel liners.

Length: 36.18″ / 91.9 cm
Height: 32.28″ / 82 cm
Width: 16.69″/42.4 cm
Capacity: 23 gal. (each)

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Stainless Steel Recycling Bin CRC-706N:

  • Constructed with stainless steel
  • Comes with galvanized steel liners


Length: 36.18″ / 92 cm
Height: 32.28″ / 82 cm
Width: 16.69″/42 cm
Capacity: 23 gal. (each)

Color Options

Color Options

Canaan Site Furnishings has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


Commercial Stainless Steel Recycling Bin CRC-706N, a strong and adaptable waste management solution designed to satisfy the many requirements of modern environments

This three-unit container is an ideal complement to a variety of spaces, ranging from quiet community libraries to busy corporate areas.

The precisely crafted CRC-706N Recycling Bin has a sleek stainless steel appearance that guarantees extraordinary endurance in addition to being visually pleasing. Regardless of its placement—indoors or outdoors—this recycling bin is sturdy and will not rust or wear off from its stylish look.

The CRC-706N Recycling Bin’s well-considered design makes it easier to recycle in an organized manner. The clearly defined unit allows users to divide their waste with ease. This not only expedites the disposal procedure but also upholds the community’s environmental consciousness. The attractive form of the container gently encourages proper trash separation, which is essential for effective recycling.

Furthermore, the recycling bin/recycling container will serve a functional purpose and improve the look of your area owing to this customizable feature

CRC-706N Recycling Bin disregards the idea of a one-size-fits-all approach. Since every area has its character, complete customization is possible. Choose materials that support your sustainability objectives, pick colors from a range to fit your environment, and customize labels and text to help and inform people.

The bin’s triangle top holes designed for user convenience allow for easy disposal of recyclables. The circular openings adopt bottles and cans, the slot opening accepts paper and cardboard, and the square is reserved for rubbish, making sorting simple for everyone.

For project managers and expert designers looking for a useful yet stylish waste management solution, the CRC-706N Recycling Bin is an excellent alternative. Its versatility and attractive style complement any scenario, encouraging environmental stewardship without compromising quality or appeal.

In short, the CRC-706N stainless steel recycling bin is a statement of dedication to sustainability that blends perfectly into any business or community setting.

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