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Outdoor Street Recycling Bin CRC-817

Outdoor street recycling bin CRC-817 is a 3-unit commercial stainless steel recycling receptacle. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor waste management applications in public transit stations, parks, streets, and other commercial settings.

Full customization in color, material, label, and text is available.

CRC-817 comes with a stainless steel body and galvanized steel liners.

Length: 64.9” / 1650mm
Width: 12” / 305mm
Height: 43.3” / 1100mm

Weight: 290 lbs / 131.5kg



CRC-817 Recycling Bin:

  • A stainless steel body
  • Galvanized steel liners


Length: 64.9” / 165 cm
Width: 12” / 31 cm
Height: 43.3” / 110 cm

Weight: 290 lbs / 131.5kg

Color Options

Color Options

Canaan Site Furnishings has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

Download Color Options PDF



Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


The Outdoor Street Recycling Bin CRC-817 by Canaan Site Furnishings is a sleek and adaptable three-unit stainless steel recycling container. Designed to withstand the demands of heavily used public areas, this garbage bin is an ideal option for environmentally responsible garbage disposal in both indoor and outdoor environments.

With distinct sections for garbage, cans, and bottles, and various paper products, the CRC-817 is a sustainability model promoting efficient waste segregation. Each section’s precise labeling is intended to improve user convenience by instructing users on how to dispose of garbage and recyclables in an environmentally responsible manner. This promotes recycling efforts in addition to helping to keep areas clean.

Built to last, the CRC-817 Recycling Bin has a sturdy stainless steel structure that can handle a lot of usage and weather. Its sleek, metallic surface gives every setting, from the picnic park to the busy sidewalks of city streets, a modern look. With its sleek appearance, the bin blends in with its surroundings while yet being noticeable.

Acknowledging the distinct requirements of various locations, Canaan provides complete customization for the CRC-817 Recycling Station. The color, material, label, and text can all be customized by project managers and designers to fit certain design themes or branding requirements. As a result of its adaptability, the CRC-817 is an excellent choice for any area trying to improve its waste management system.

With its perfect integration into any commercial setting, the Outdoor Street Recycling Bin CRC-817 is more than simply a container—it expresses dedication to environmental care. Facilities that select the CRC-817 are outfitted with a solid, stylish, and sustainable waste management solution that reflects the principles of modern society.

In conclusion, Canaan Site Furnishings’ CRC-817 Recycling Bin is committed to producing goods that meet the needs of busy urban settings without sacrificing design quality. Given its durability and adaptable characteristics, this recycling bin is a stylish and useful addition to any surroundings. It is likely to draw in project managers and designers searching for creative, eco-friendly solutions.

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