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Stainless-Steel Outdoor Recycling Bin CRC-713


Stainless-steel outdoor recycling bin CRC-713 is a perfect waste management solution for municipal, commercial, and residential uses. Its single-hand lid opening and animal-resistant design keep small and large animals out while at the same time remaining easy to use.

Full customization in color, material, label, and text is available.

CRC-713 comes with a stainless steel body and galvanized steel liners.

Length: 60″ / 152.4 cm
Width: 17″ / 43.18 cm
Height: 42″ / 106.68 cm

Weight: 169.8 lbs. / 77 kg
Capacity: 32 gals. (each)

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With its standard cover, the Stainless-Steel Outdoor Recycling Bin CRC-713 elevates trash management to a new level of elegance and utility

Made of sturdy stainless steel, this bin is available in a variety of settings, such as residential, commercial, and municipal ones.

The lid’s presence is a design decision that takes several issues into account. Keeping garbage contained and discouraging pests and animals promotes sanitation, which is a crucial aspect of garbage bins used outside. It also helps to keep the surrounding space clean and fresh by assisting with odor management. The simplicity of use of the lid’s design allows for straightforward, one-handed operation without sacrificing the user’s convenience.

The CRC-713’s stainless steel design resists corrosion and weather-induced damage, making it a durable option. As a result of its robustness, it’s a cost-effective and ecologically friendly choice that helps achieve sustainability goals by lowering the need for regular replacements.

Even with the standard lid, one major benefit of the CRC-713 is still personalization. The bin is customizable in terms of color, material, label, and text, making it an ideal choice for any project. Project managers and professional designers will find it intriguing that the recycling bin is available for customization to meet the practical and aesthetic needs of any area thanks to this level of customization.

The CRC-713 is a modern piece of furniture for both public and private areas that promotes and facilitates responsible waste segregation

It is more than just a recycling container. The lid on this bin, together with its elegant form and configurable features, perfectly captures the combination of practicality and style. This container is a useful addition to any space that emphasizes sustainability because it encourages participation in recycling activities.

To sum up, the CRC-713 Stainless-Steel Outdoor Recycling Bin, complete with a standard lid, is a wise waste management investment. This tool ensures that areas stay tidy, environmentally friendly, and visually beautiful by meeting present needs and predicting future ones.

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