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Backless Transit Bench CAL-717B

Backless Transit Metal Bench CAL-717 is a contemporary backless metal metro bench that is designed for transit stations. Carefully selected steel powder-coated with anti-corrosion treatment preventing the product from weather elements.

CAL-717B is constructed with steel.

Steel (STL.) components are electrocoated with anti-corrosion treatment, and finished with powder coating electrostatically.

Length: 72.0″ / 183 cm
Width: 22.5″ / 57.2 cm
Height: 24.2″ / 61.5 cm

Weight: 160 lbs. / 75 kg

  • Surface mounted
    • Additional armrests
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Commercial Metal Bench CAL-717B:

  • Constructed with steel

Steel (STL.) components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with powder coating electrostatically.



Length: 72.0″ / 183 cm
Width: 22.5″ / 57 cm
Height: 24.2″ / 62 cm

Weight: 160 lbs. / 75 kg



  • Extra Seat or custom length
  • Optional Back
  • Optional Centre Arm
  • Optional One End Arm
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Optional Skate Deterrent
  • Other customization available
Color Options

Color Options

Canaan has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.

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Backless Transit Metal Bench CAL-717, is a modern and long-lasting seating option specifically developed for transit stations. This bench combines usefulness with a modern style, making it an excellent choice for project managers, architects, landscapers, and professional designers wishing to include stylish and functional pieces in their projects.

Backless Transit Metal Bench CAL-717 made of carefully chosen steel and coated with a high-quality powder coating has anti-corrosion qualities

This thorough treatment guarantees that the bench can withstand all weather conditions while keeping its integrity and look over time. Furthermore, the lack of a backrest provides this bench with a flexible edge; it can be approached from either side, making it a practical choice in congested transit areas.

Backless Transit Metal Bench CAL-717’s basic design is not only visually beautiful but also easy to maintain. Its smooth surfaces are simple to maintain, which is especially important in high-traffic areas where hygiene and neatness are essential. Furthermore, the bench’s strong construction offers tourists a dependable and comfortable seating choice while they wait for their next trip.

The Metal Bench CAL-717 is naturally adaptable and works well in a variety of contexts, from the rush and bustle of a metro station to the tranquil serenity of a community park. The backless design encourages openness and social interaction, while the sturdy frame represents a long-term investment in quality and beauty.

The commercial bench’s professional yet friendly appearance is consistent with the goals of those seeking to create environments that are both useful and welcoming. It invites builders and designers to look beyond standard sitting and add items that are both solid and attractive.

In conclusion, the Backless Transit Metal Bench CAL-717 is an architectural piece that combines exceptional workmanship with practical use. This commercial bench can satisfy the dynamic demands of public places, ensuring that endurance and design work together to improve the user experience.

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