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Commercial Outdoor Bike Rack CAH-215


Commercial outdoor bike rack CAH-215 is a steel bike parking rack that can accommodate up to 5 bikes. The circular body provides extra stability and security with two contacts to the bike. CAH-215 is perfect for public transit stations, schools, parks, and streets. An option of 8 rings for up to 9 bikes is available.

CAH-215 is constructed with anti-corrosion-treated steel.

Length: 84.3″ / 214.1 cm
(8 stations for up to 16 bikes)
37.1″ / 94.2 cm
(4 stations for up to 8 bikes)
Width: 25.6″ / 65 cm
Height: 23.2″ /59 cm

Weight: 45 lbs.

  • 4-ring rack
  • 8-ring rack
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