An Introduction to Recycled Plastics - Canaan

Recycled plastic is one of the waste plastics, stands for the plastics made from the waste products that have been used, abandoned, cleaned, crushed in civil, industrial, and other uses. In a broad sense, recycled plastics refer to any reuse of leftover materials or waste products. Recycled plastics can be added/not added with fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, or colorants, etc.

The recycling of plastics is a very important direction of research on renewable resources in recent years. Especially the after-used waste plastics are the major focus of recycling. Generally speaking, all thermoplastics can be recycled, but there are many plastic products with a surface treatment that are very difficult to recycle. At present, most recycled products are limited to a very small portion of the product like plastic bottles and CDs.

Problems Caused by Waste Plastics and the Status Quo of Recycling

Plastic products not only bring convenience to human beings but also bring great “side effects”. Waste plastics don’t degrade naturally, with the increasing use of plastics, results in serious environmental pollution. Recycling has illuminated a new direction for waste plastic treatments. Countries have invested a lot of labor and material resources, and through legislation to develop plastic recycling technologies.

Significance of Plastic Recycling

Waste plastics from the huge use of plastic products in life and industry have caused serious environmental issues and contains a great potential for renewable resources. Petroleum and coal resources are not renewable and in short supply, but almost all thermoplastics have recycling value. Therefore, from the perspective of saving natural resources and protecting the environment, the development and innovation of plastic recycling methods and technologies will become a focus in the future.

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