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Backless Recycled Plastic Bench CAB-801B

Backless recycled plastic garden bench CAB-801B is made with 100% recycled plastic and electro-coated steel. It is an ideal application for parks, streets, playgrounds, shopping centers, etc.

CAB-801B is constructed with 100% recycled plastic wood and steel.

Steel (STL.) components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with powder coating electrostatically.

Length: 72″ / 183 cm
(Also available in 59″ / 150 cm)
Width: 19.1″ / 48.4 cm
Height: 24.1″ / 61.2 cm

Weight: 120 lbs

  • Surface mount
  • Center armrest


Commercial Outdoor Bench CAB-820B:

  • Constructed with recycled plastic lumber
  • A cast aluminum frame

Steel / Aluminum components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with powder coating electro statically.



Length: 60″ / 150 cm
(Also available in 72″ / 183 cm)
Width: 20.7″ / 52.5 cm
Height: 17.3″ / 44 cm

Weight: 68.3 lbs. / 31 kg



Color Options

Color Options

Canaan has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.

Download Installation PDF


The Commercial recycled plastic bench CAB-801 is an example of sustainable design, combining practicality and environmentally friendly materials into a seamless whole. All of the recycled plastic used in the bench’s construction gives it a wood-like gloss and protection from the weather. With its sturdy electro-coated steel structure, this bench is durable, making it ideal for parks, streets, playgrounds, and shopping malls.

The Commercial recycled plastic bench CAB-801’s ergonomic shape further adds to its appeal. The straight back gives enough support, allowing passersby to take a minute to unwind. Its well-spaced slats provide a relaxing experience for guests, promoting longer visits and appreciation of the surroundings.

Furthermore, the Commercial recycled plastic bench CAB-801 is an excellent platform for a memorial plaque, allowing for personalized memorials to loved ones or revered people. This element elevates the bench from a simple piece of furniture to an important landmark in the neighborhood.

Finally, the Commercial recycled plastic bench CAB-801 is a statement about style and sustainability. Its placement in a public space demonstrates a dedication to environmental responsibility while also providing a long-lasting, comfortable resting location for a large number of visitors. This bench is an investment in the aesthetics and environmental health of any outdoor space.

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