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Commercial Street Bench CAB-821


CAB-821 is a commercial street bench built with sustainable materials that is a perfect addition to any metropolitan space, not only does it work well in the streets, but it also is a nice choice in the metro stations, shopping centers, outside buildings, etc.

Canaan’s newest wood-plastic composite lumber features an embossed surface that mimics real wood while retaining the environmental-friendly, low-maintenance nature of recycled plastic.

Quality recycled plastic wood is selected to avoid chipping or cracking, and the option of stainless steel armrest, leg, and frame is also available.

CAB-821 is constructed with wood-plastic composite (WPC) lumber and framed with powder-coated steel.

Metal components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with powder coating electrostatically.

Length: 72.04″ / 183 cm
Width: 23.4″ / 59.5 cm
Height: 35.43″ / 90 cm

Weight: 183 lbs. / 83 kg

  • Surface-mounted
  • Stainless steel plaque
  • Center armrest
  • Side armrests
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Commercial Outdoor Bench CAB-821:

  • Constructed with wood-plastic composite (WPC) lumber
  • Framed with powder-coated steel

Metal components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment and finished with powder coating electrostatically



Length: 72.04″ / 183 cm
Width: 23.4″ / 60 cm
Height: 35.43″ / 90 cm
Weight: 183 lbs. / 83 kg


Mix & Match

Mix & Match

Backless Street Bench CAB-821B:

  • Built with sustainable materials
  • Wood-plastic composite lumber


  • Extra Seat or custom length
  • Optional Back
  • Optional Centre Arm
  • Optional One End Arm
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Optional Memorial Plaque
  • Optional Skate Deterrent
  • Other customization available
Color Options

Color Options

Canaan has a vast array or standard and custom color options available. Contact your representative for more information.

Download Color Options PDF



Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.

Download Installation PDF


CAB-821 commercial street bench by Canaan Site Furnishings exemplifies the concept of form meeting utility in urban furniture. Designed with the fast-paced lifestyle of urban regions in mind, it provides a peaceful rest for both walkers and commuters. This commercial bench, whether situated in the bustling hallways of metro stations, shopping malls, or outside high skyscrapers, serves as a symbol of sustainability.

This commercial street bench incorporates Canaan’s latest design in wood-plastic composite timber. The surface is carefully embossed to resemble the natural grain of wood, delivering the visual appeal of hardwood without the associated maintenance requirements. The use of high-quality recycled plastic wood means that CAB-821 is not only environmentally conscious but also weatherproof and resistant to chipping.

The optional Commercial Street Bench CAB-821 upgrades demonstrate a high level of attention to detail. The use of stainless-steel armrests, legs, and frames is more than just a decorative choice; it represents a dedication to long-lasting quality. The stainless steel enhances the bench’s construction, providing additional stability and longevity, making it an excellent option for any urban environment.

Canaan Site Furnishings considered accessibility and diversity while developing the CAB-821 commercial street bench. The bench’s sitting is purposefully comfy, allowing a moment of respite in the bustling metropolitan surroundings.

Finally, the CAB-821 commercial street bench serves as a purposeful urban installation rather than merely sitting. It is a long-lasting, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly alternative that meets the changing demands of urban landscapes, allowing project managers and designers to create welcome and sustainable areas.

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