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Commercial Dog Waste Bin CAY-114

Commercial Dog waste bin CAY-114 is an outdoor waste receptacle for pet wastes and trash. CAY-114 was built with galvanized steel and 100% recycled plastic, an ideal product for parks and streets.

CAY-114 is constructed with 100% recycled plastic wood and anti-corrosion-treated steel.

Length: 21.4″ / 544 mm
Width: 17.7″ / 450 mm
Height: 35.4″ / 900 mm
56.3″ / 1430 mm (with dog sign)

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Commercial Dog Waste Bin CAY-114:

  • Constructed with 100% recycled plastic wood
  • Anti-corrosion-treated steel


Length: 21″ / 54 cm
Width: 18″ / 45 cm
Height: 35″ / 90 cm
56″ / 14 cm (with dog sign)

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Color Options

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


Commercial Dog Trash Bin CAY-114, an eco-friendly outdoor trash container that skillfully blends functionality and sustainable materials. The CAY-114 made to accommodate pet-friendly locations like parks and municipal streets, is essential for upholding sanitation and encouraging proper pet waste disposal.

Meanwhile, built of sturdy galvanized steel and reinforced with 100 percent recycled plastic, the CAY-114 is a prime example of both durability and sustainability. the galvanized steel guarantees the corrosion resistance of the bin.

In addition, the playful design of the bin highlighted by an eye-catching dog figure helps to identify it. This unique design feature encourages pet owners to properly dispose of their waste and adds to the general cleanliness of public areas by serving as a kind reminder.

Designed to blend in with parks and streets, this outdoor trash bin’s streamlined shape and subtle color scheme make it look well in a variety of outdoor environments.

With an emphasis on maintaining hygienic and pet-friendly public spaces, the Commercial Dog Waste Bin CAY-114 strikes the perfect mix of functionality, durability, and commitment to sustainability.

In conclusion, the CAY-114 Commercial Dog Waste Bin is a necessary addition to any space that allows pets. This trash can’s attractive and practical qualities are enhanced in addition to serving as a waste management tool due to its durable construction and eye-catching appearance. Selecting the CAY-114 indicates that you are choosing a product that promotes sustainability, sanitation, and a positive inclusion of our four-legged friends.

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