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Metal Picnic Table CAT-209

Metal dining picnic table CAT-209 is a commercial outdoor picnic table made of galvanized steel and finished with anti-corrosion treatment for the best performance serving outdoors. Best apply to parks, patios, gardens, shopping centers, office sites, etc.

  • The tabletop features an opening for an umbrella.
  • Wheelchair accessibility (optional)


Galvanized steel.

Table Length: 47.2″ / 1200 mm

Length: 85.1″ / 2162 mm

Width: 85.1″ / 2162 mm

Height: 29.5″ / 750 mm

Weight: 331 lbs./ 150kg

Surface mount

Wheelchair access

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  • Galvanized steel
  • Finished with anti-corrosion treatment


Table Length: 47.2″ / 120 cm

Length: 85.1″ / 216 cm

Width: 85.1″ / 216 cm

Height: 29.5″ / 75 cm

Weight: 331 lbs./ 150kg



  • Wheelchair access
  • Umbrella opening available
  • Please contact sales@canaansf.com for customization and quotation
Color Options

Color Options

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


Metal Picnic Table Cat-209, Your Pass to Stylish Outdoor Consumption

This commercial-grade picnic table for parks is made of sturdy galvanized steel and has a corrosion-resistant surface, making it an excellent choice for any outdoor environment.

Then, Metal Picnic Table CAT-209  seamlessly integrates into a variety of settings, bringing a touch of quality to your outdoor places. From parks, the comfortable appeal of patios, the peace of gardens, and the pragmatic design of workplace sites, to the convenience of shopping centers, adaptable and versatile for all.

Metal Picnic Table CAT-209 is an aesthetic and functional metal picnic table with a wide tabletop and a well-made aperture to hold an umbrella.

All in all, an umbrella is a well-considered addition to this particular outdoor picnic table that improves the overall appearance. In addition, it is also a solution for bright days or drizzling days, increasing the enjoyment of outside meals and gatherings. Imagine having a relaxed discussion outside or enjoying a picnic in the park; the Metal Picnic Table CAT-209 is your adaptable partner.

In order to prioritize inclusivity, the outdoor picnic table CAT-209 includes wheelchair accessibility as an optional feature to guarantee that everyone can enjoy it. A flexible outdoor dining table demonstrates our dedication to designing environments that are welcoming and accessible to all people.

In short, Metal Picnic Table CAT-209 by Canaan will elevate your outdoor experience – renovate a public park, and add the charm of your garden. While the skillful integration of sturdy design, visual attraction, and useful functionality makes it the preferred option for individuals who like to create a memorable impact in their outdoor environments, it still combines style and craftsmanship for a pleasant al fresco dining experience.

Customization is available.

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Additional information


Galvanised Steel


Table Length: 47.2" / 1200 mm
Length: 85.1" / 2162 mm
Width: 85.1" / 2162 mm
Height: 29.5" / 750 mm




Wheelchair access