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Metal Park Table CAT-208

Metal park table CAT-208 is a commercial outdoor table with benches attached. Its laser-cut surfaces are designed to prevent ponding, the anti-corrosion finished steel body delivers surpassing performance in the ever-changing weather. Park, campus, garden, patio, plaza, and business center applications are recommended.

  • The tabletop features an opening for an umbrella.
  • Wheelchair accessibility (optional)


CAT208 is constructed with steel.

Steel components are electrocoated with anti-corrosion treatment, and finished with powder coating electrostatically.


Product Width: 81″/ 2060 mm

Table Width: 47.3″/ 1200 mm

Table Height: 30.3″/ 770  mm

Bench Length: 42.7″/ 1085 mm

Bench Width: 12.6″/ 320 mm

Bench Height: 17.7″/ 450 mm

Weight: 323 lbs.

Surface mount

Wheelchair access




  • Constructed with steel.
  • Steel components are electro-coated with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Finished with powder coating electrostatically


Product Width: 81″/ 206 cm

Table Width: 47.3″/ 120 cm

Table Height: 30.3″/ 77  cm

Bench Length: 42.7″/ 109 cm

Bench Width: 12.6″/ 32 cm

Bench Height: 17.7″/ 45 cm

Weight: 323 lbs.



  • Picnic tabletop features an opening for an umbrella.
  • Wheelchair Access
Color Options

Color Options

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


The CAT-208 Metal Park Table is a true embodiment of form and function, offering exceptional utility and aesthetic appeal for a variety of commercial outdoor settings. Its thoughtfully designed laser-cut surfaces serve a dual purpose: not only do they exude a contemporary and sleek look, but they are also strategically engineered to prevent ponding. The anti-corrosion finished steel body is a testament to its durability and resilience, making it a high performer in the face of ever-changing environmental conditions. CAT-208 Metal Park Picnic Table stands strong, and ready to serve your needs.

This versatile outdoor picnic table, with attached benches for seating convenience, finds its place in a multitude of applications. From the tranquil beauty of a park to the bustling energy of a business center, from the serene ambiance of a garden to the lively atmosphere of a plaza, the CAT-208 table thrives, enhancing the outdoor experience for visitors and users alike. It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s an invitation to enjoy the outdoors, to work or dine in the fresh air, and to connect with nature even within the urban landscape. Plus, with the tabletop featuring an opening for an umbrella, it provides shade on sunny days, further enhancing the comfort of your outdoor space.

Additionally, CAT-208 Picnic Table offers optional wheelchair accessibility, making it inclusive and accommodating to all. With thoughtful design, robust construction, and adaptability for diverse environments, this metal park table is a testament to both style and practicality.

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Additional information


Galvanised Steel


Total: 206 cm Diameter x 77 cm H

Table: 120 cm Diameter x 77 cm H

Seats: 108.5 cm L x 32 cm W x 45 cm H)


Surface mount


ADA compliant model