Commercial Bench CAB-870’s Sleek Design Enhances Public Spaces

A Well-Composed Blend of Design and Function

The Commercial Park Bench CAB-870 stands out for creating warm and inviting public areas due to its sleek and contemporary design. This seat aims to blend in with any urban setting or natural environment, as seen in the accompanying photo with its smooth arc and clean lines.

Commercial Bench Commercial Park Bench CAB-870-1
Commercial Park Bench CAB-870

Bench Made with Eco-Friendly Durability in Mind

The CAB-870 is not only a visually appealing unit. It is a strong construction made entirely of steel and 100% recycled plastic, making it a model of sustainability. With its slatted shape, it’s not only fashionable but also weatherproof and resistant to corrosion and tearing over time.

Commercial Bench Commercial Park Bench CAB-870-2
Commercial Park Bench CAB-870

Customizing for Unique Settings

Every public area has a unique personality, and the CAB-870’s configurable features reflect this variety. This bench is customizable to meet your unique design specifications and practical demands, whether it’s the inclusion of stainless steel armrests for added comfort or the selection of leg design for stability.

Optional backrest and armrests also reflect on Bench CAB-870’s versatility, if you’re looking at the derivable Commercial Bench CAB-870B.

Our Extended Collection of Commercial Benches

Adaptability of Bench in Various Urban Environments

From a useful seat outside buildings, an ideal spot to relax in parks, or a place to rest in retail malls and metro stations. Its robust surface mounts indicate a design that reduces trip risks and increases safety, which makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic locations.

Summary: the ideal option for contemporary seating arrangements

The Commercial Park Bench CAB-870 is an exceptional option for project managers and professional designers seeking a balance between aesthetic appeal, environmental responsibility, and user-focused design. It’s more than just a bench; it’s an elegant and high-quality statement piece that enhances whatever area it adorns.

Commercial Bench Commercial Park Bench CAB-870-5
Commercial Park Bench CAB-870

FAQs About Commercial Park Bench CAB-870

Q: What are the materials of the CAB-870 Bench?
A: Bench CAB-870 adopts 100% recycled plastic wood and steel, ensuring both environmental sustainability and durability.

Q: Is Bench CAB-870 customizable?
A: Yes, customization options are available. You can choose to add stainless steel armrests, legs, and frames to meet specific design needs.

If you are looking for the CAB-870 without the backrest and armrests, you may refer to Bench CAB-870B.

Q: Where is the CAB-870 bench most commonly used?
A: While ideal for parks, the CAB-870’s versatile design also makes it perfect for shopping centers, outside buildings, metro stations, and various other public spaces.

Q: Any project that I can refer to?

A: Of course, kindly refer to our commercial project showcase in Hamilton, Ontario, and Whitby, Ontario.

Hamilton, ON - Commercial Bench Commercial Park Bench CAB-870
Hamilton, ON – Commercial Park Bench CAB-870
Whitby, Ontario - Commercial Bench Commercial Park Bench CAB-870
Whitby, Ontario – Commercial Park Bench CAB-870

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