Picnic Table CAT-200N in Recycled Plastic: Upgraded Elegance Meets Functionality

Overview of the Picnic Table CAT-200N

Welcome to a new age in outdoor furnishings, where sustainability and design merge. The Square Recycled Plastic Picnic Table CAT-200N, one of the improved versions of Canaan Site Furnishings’ iconic picnic table collection, exemplifies innovative design and eco-friendly solutions. An essential piece of furniture for every contemporary outdoor space, the outdoor dining table is ideal for parks, campuses, gardens, patios, plazas, and commercial areas.

Milton, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N
Milton, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N

Picnic Table CAT-200N’s features

Eco-friendly and durable materials

The CAT-200N Picnic Table distinguishes itself by making use of wood-plastic composite timber. These materials offer enhanced durability and sustainability in addition to the timeless, refined appearance of wood. The table is an elegant complement to any space thanks to the sophisticated touch of the embossed wood patterns on the lumbers. Furthermore, the steel utilized in the building is treated to resist corrosion, guaranteeing durability and adaptability to different weather circumstances.

Commercial Picnic Table Patio Table CAT-200N-1
Patio Table CAT-200N

ADA-Compliant and Capacity for Seating

One important aspect of the CAT-200N picnic table is accessibility. As it complies with ADA regulations, it is a friendly area for all users. It’s the ideal size for social events with four seats and provides a welcoming and inclusive outdoor experience.

Senior Home at Major Mackenzie, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N
Senior Home at Major Mackenzie, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N

Picnic Table for Various Applications

This picnic table is adaptable and can improve a wide range of outdoor areas. The CAT-200N blends in perfectly with its surroundings, from outdoor dining tables for education campuses to a peaceful garden, patio tables for a bustling patio, or an elegant corporate building. It is an excellent choice for public and private settings due to its solid design and appealing appearance.

Milton, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N
Milton, ON – Picnic Table CAT-200N

In conclusion, a fusion of functionality and aesthetics

In summary, Canaan Site Furnishings’ dedication to fusing style with practicality appears in the Recycled Plastic Picnic Table CAT-200N. Its improved functionality, accessibility, and environmentally friendly materials make it an outstanding choice for professional designers and project managers. The CAT-200N Picnic Table is a stylish and environmentally conscious piece of furniture that is perfect for a variety of outdoor settings.

Commercial Picnic Table Patio Table CAT-200N-2
Commercial Picnic Table CAT-200N


Q: Why is Picnic Table CAT-200N a sustainable design?
A: Sturdy and sustainable wood-recycled plastic composite timber is adopted in the design.

Q: Is it possible for the CAT-200N to endure different weather conditions?
A: The steel on the table is anti-corrosion treated, so it is resistant to many weather situations.

Q: Is the CAT-200N suitable for campuses and parks?
A: Without a doubt, it is perfect for any public area owing to its ADA compliance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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