Work with Canaan, Make Effort to Help Fight Climate Changes - Canaan

With the development of the global economy, the environment is getting worse. Over-consuming of forest and mineral resources has brought great threats to the survival and development of human beings. Environmental issues have become the bottleneck of economic growth. Industrial civilization has brought unprecedented prosperity to human society and had a disastrous impact on our natural environment. Some of them were irreversible. Enterprises played a major role in the pollution and consumption of the natural environment. January 2020, global average temperature broke the record, it has become the hottest January since 1880. Climate change has brought some attention and awareness, and it’s been concerned and studied by governmental and academic institutions.

For the sustainable development and growth of human beings, companies must take responsibility for protecting the environment and maintaining natural harmony. Canaan Site Furnishings does not neglect the importance of corporate social responsibility while making profits. We always pay attention to the contributions to the communities, environment, and society while constantly offer quality and price-compatible products to the customers. Canaan Site Furnishings initiatively takes precautions against environmental problems, actively promotes green technology’s development and application, and motivates the popularization of environmental-friendly products in its business activities.

Some people may think that environmental protection is a very broad and vague topic, and believe that it is a problem that only the government and the country should be concerned about. The current status can’t be improved with individual effort. This perspective is very wrong. The government can indeed alleviate the problem from a higher level by issuing policy intervention and incentives, but as an important component of society, when everyone participates in, small behaviors will bring about qualitative changes. When individuals and businesses unite, the positive impact doubles.

What You Can Do

  • Choose partners who actively take their corporate social responsibilities in work.
  • Choose eco-friendly products and resources as possible in life.
  • Increase public transportation usage to reduce motor vehicle emissions.
  • Water-saving and energy-saving.