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Metal Park Trash Bin CAY-118

Metal park trash bin CAY-118 is a simple design commercial outdoor trash receptacle with an ashtray available on the lid finished with anti-corrosion treatment. It delivers impressive performance against weather elements in outdoor spaces. CAY-118 is an excellent waste management solution for parks, streets, plazas, etc.

CAY-118 is constructed of anti-corrosion-treated steel.

Length: 20.5″ / 52 cm
Width: 20.5″ / 52 cm
Height: 34.3″ / 87 cm

Weight: 57.3 lbs. / 26 kg
Capacity: 19 gals.



CAY-118 Commercial Trash Bin:

Constructed of anti-corrosion-treated steel



Length: 21″ / 52 cm
Width: 21″ / 52 cm
Height: 34″ / 87 cm

Weight: 57.3 lbs. / 26 kg
Capacity: 19 gals.

Color Options

Color Options

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Surface mounted: holes are pre-drilled on each foot for securing to the base.


CAY-118 Metal Park Trash Bin, Efficient and Useful Garbage Disposal Bin that Improves Public Areas

This commercial outdoor garbage can is ideal for parks, streets, and plazas given its great durability and stylish, yet simple design.

With an available ashtray built into the lid, the CAY-118 meets smokers’ needs while keeping public spaces hygienic. In addition to keeping cigarette waste properly restricted and minimizing litter, including an ashtray is both subtle and easily accessible.

This garbage bin made of high-quality metal has an innovative anti-corrosion treatment applied to it, which increases its resistance to various weather. CAY-118 stands firm and maintains its elegant look and structural integrity without rusting or breaking down.

The CAY-118 consistently performs well in outdoor settings. Its sturdy construction is intended to withstand the heavy usage of crowded public spaces, guaranteeing that it will carry on providing excellent community service day in and day out.

In other words, the CAY-118 is not only functional but also a visually pleasing metal park garbage can. It can easily blend in any architectural style, from traditional settings to modern urban landscapes. A cover that covers garbage is part of the clever design, giving passersby a more pleasing sensory experience.

Meanwhile, the CAY-118 provides the ideal balance of functionality and design. It’s a great option for people who want to improve public spaces’ waste management systems and make a visual impact.

To sum up, the Metal Park Trash Bin CAY-118 is a clever, elegant, and long-lasting complement to any outdoor space—it’s more than simply a trash can. By selecting the CAY-118, you are investing in a waste management system that is long-lasting, effective, and elegant—all of which are precisely in line with what modern public spaces require.

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