Metal benches for commercial settings by Canaan Site Furnishings present a collection of outdoor seating by combining ADA Design standards and our emphasized features

Our powder-coated steel benches guarantee remarkable durability and resistance in the harsh environment of North American weather extremes. This material choice not only assures endurance but also contributes to our benches’ exquisite form, which features clean, precise lines that add refinement to any environment.

Moreover, Our metal benches showcase our dedication to ADA Design Principles.

We strictly comply with ADA and AODA requirements, ensuring that our metal benches are accessible and welcoming to all users. Our benches aim for accessibility, with appropriate seat heights ranging from 405 to 500mm, backrests around 450mm high, and armrests roughly 150mm off the seat.

In addition, our metal benches are the exertion of exquisite craftsmanship without sacrificing utility

Each metal bench has a sleek, modern appearance that complements the visual appeal of public areas ranging from urban parks, and transit stations to corporate campuses. As a result, the versatility of our designs, along with the strength of powder-coated steel, make our metal benches ideal for any landscape, combining beauty and functionality.

In brief, commercial metal benches demonstrate our commitment to developing accessible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture

By combining ADA compliance with our attention to quality and design, we provide metal benches that not only fulfill a variety of demands but also survive the test of time, guaranteeing that any outdoor space can be a comfortable and stylish environment.

Our Metal Bench Commercial Projects:

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