Canaan‘s commercial outdoor benches are an essential part of any public space. A well-placed outdoor bench enhances the functionality of the area and provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy its surrounding.

Metal benches are built with iron, steel, or aluminum and finished with anti-corrosion treatments. The superior resistance to weathering and wearing makes the benches ideal accessaries to decorate and functionalize both indoor and outdoor public spaces such as streets, bus stops, train stations, subway stations, parks, malls, or building surroundings. They are also great for residential uses like gardens, backyards, and patios.

Recycled plastic benches are another attractive way to enhance the landscape of outdoor areas. Recycled plastics and composite woods don’t rod, chip, and fade, and are highly resistant to insect damages. The warm, inviting look of wood and the physical advantages of plastics make them an eco-friendly and sustainable substitute to traditional wood benches.