Outdoor and Commercial Benches

Outdoor benches from Canaan are an essential part of any public spaces. A well-placed outdoor bench does not only enhance the functionality of the space, but also provides an opportunity for visitors to appreciate its surrounding. 

Providing both comfort and durability, Canaan’s outdoor metal benches are made of iron, steel or aluminum completed with powder-coating; their superior resistance to corrosion makes the benches ideal for high-traffic areas such as streets, bus stops, parks, or building surroundings. They are also great for those who wants to renovate their own backyard or patio by having customized benches.

Outdoor recycled plastic benches are another attractive way to enhance the landscape of your park, business or outdoor area. Recycled plastic lumber does not rod, chip, fade and is highly resistant to insect damage; they have the warm, inviting look of wood with the physical advantages of plastic, making them an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wood benches.

Canaan’s outdoor benches are available in different length and colors. Personalize them with a memorial plaque for a unique appearance. Our sales representative will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect seating for your needs.  We also welcome custom orders in various materials and shapes. Call us at 905-305-6638 or email us at sales@canaansf.com for a free quotation today!