Recycled plastic and composite wood picnic tables from Canaan is maintenance-free, heavy duty and suit every outdoor needs. We have a great selection and pricing on variety of recycled plastic tables. Canaan offers two recycled materials, composite wood and recycled plastic.

Composite wood, wood-polymer composite or synthetic wood, is growing in popularity in the decking industry for residential use in past years. It is environmentally friendly and a number of pros over natural wood. Composite wood is weather resistant, stain resistant, low maintenance, a diverse in colors and natural looking! Unlike hardwood, they definitely do not split and crack. Our composite wood provides an uniform appeal with its natural looking texture.

Recycled plastic, high-density plastic lumber, is made with recycled polyethylene plastic (HDPE). Similar to composite wood, it is low maintenance, weather and stain resistant. Moreover, recycled plastic is lightweight and yet highly durable. Although it may not appeal to some without any resemblance to wood, it is a great option for environments with high density and traffic like schools, playgrounds, community parks or backyards with children. Due to color is throughout its material, scratches do not appear noticeable.

Shop now for a gorgeous and high-quality picnic table to furnish your commercial building or park. You can find more information regarding our recycled material at our resource page with image references and our maintenance guide.