Canaan’s metal patio picnic tables/ metal park dining tables are ideal for customers who like the texture and hand-feel of metals. Heavy and dense steels processed with anti-corrosion treatment bring the final products a surpassing performance in withstanding harsh weather.

ADA Compliance

Canaan site furnishings provides the market with regulated ADA compliance outdoor furniture for everyone to get involved in the community. Research on different ADA and AODA compliances in multiple regions across North America have been done before designing to ensure our commercial outdoor furniture covers everyone’s needs.

Standard requirements for outdoor benches to comply with ADA are not specified, so Canaan follows AODA standards instead. For instance, benches should have a minimum 405-500mm seat height, an approximate 450mm back, and an approximate 150mm armrest height. The measurement allows easy access for users.

Installations should also follow AODA compliant. Commercial outdoor benches should be located to one side of public walkways and paths with a space beside accommodating at least one wheelchair or a scooter. A minimum 1015 mm by 1220 mm firm base is required for holding the weight of the person on the wheelchair or the scooter.