How to Choose the Right Picnic Table for Outdoor Spaces – Ultimate Guide for Picnic Tables

Best picnic table designs

When it comes to finding the ideal picnic table for your outside space, there are various possibilities on the market. Whether you’re searching for a picnic table for a park, a patio table for a restaurant, or a commercial outdoor place, you need to look into a variety of elements before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll look at some of the greatest picnic table designs that cater to various requirements and aesthetics.

Toronto Zoo, ON – Custom Picnic Table

1. Materials

Picnic table’s materials determine their longevity and maintenance requirements. There are a variety of choices available, including:

  • Wooden picnic tables: Popular due to their natural appeal. Suitable for household picnic table, but probably not the best choice for high-traffic areas.

As a result, Canaan proudly introduces wood-plastic composite materials to integrate wooden natural appeal with durability.

Commercial Picnic Table Modern Outdoor Picnic Table CAT-028-3
Modern Outdoor Picnic Table CAT-028 With Wood-Plastic Composite
Commercial Picnic Table Park Dining Table CAT-201N-3
Park Dining Table CAT-201N With Wood-Plastic Composite
  • Metal picnic tables: Noted for their strength and durability. They are frequently composed of steel or aluminum, making them ideal for outdoor settings exposed to extreme weather conditions.
Commercial Picnic Table Metal Park Table CAT-208
Metal Park Table CAT-208 in Steel
Commercial Picnic Table Commercial Outdoor Table CAT-033-2
Commercial Outdoor Table CAT-033 in Steel
  • Plastic picnic tables: Popular choice for parks and recreational spaces due to their lightweight design and ease of cleaning. They are resistant to weather damage and require little upkeep. Suggest for patio table at a restaurant but preferably not in a park.

In addition, Canaan provides recycled plastic picnic table solutions to promote a sustainable lifestyle.


2. Size and shape:

Think about the available space in your outside area and select a picnic table that will fit comfortably without cluttering the surroundings. The table’s size should be appropriate for the amount of guests you anticipate to sit comfortably. Round, rectangular, and square forms are popular choices, and each has its own set of advantages.

3. Style and design:

Picnic tables are available in a range of shapes and designs to accommodate diverse preferences. From traditional to modern, you may choose a picnic table design that fits with the overall style of your outdoor environment. Some popular outdoor styles are:

  • Traditional picnic tables: Classic picnic table designs featuring a rectangular or square shape with attached benches on 2 sides and 4 sides.
Commercial Picnic Table Patio Table CAT-200N-1
Patio Table CAT-200N
Commercial Picnic Dining Table CAT-030N-1
Commercial Picnic Dining Table CAT-030N
  • Flexible picnic tables: Patio table designs with unfixed chairs and unconventional chairs for more flexibility, suitable for patios and rooftops.
Commercial Patio Coffee Table CAT-050 with Commercial Bench
Commercial Patio Coffee Table CAT-050 with Commercial Bench
Commercial Picnic Table Commercial Patio Table CAT-034-3
Commercial Patio Table CAT-034

  • Picnic tables with umbrellas: If you want to provide shade for your outdoor gatherings, consider a picnic table that comes with a built-in umbrella hole.
Commercial Picnic Table Commercial Patio Table CAT-034-2
Commercial Patio Table CAT-034


At Canaan, the picnic table collection is customizable so that optional patio umbrellas are also available.

4. Comfort and accessibility:

Make sure the picnic table you get is comfortable to sit at for an extended time. If you require wheelchair accessibility, look for ADA-compliant picnic table that allows wheelchair users to sit and maneuver freely.

5. Sustainability:

In this environmentally conscious society, selecting an eco-friendly and long-lasting picnic table is crucial. Look for tables produced with recyclable materials. These tables not only reduce environmental effects but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

6. Maintenance:

Put the picnic table’s upkeep requirements into account before making a selection. Wood tables may need to be stained or sealed regularly, but metal and wood-plastic composite tables require little maintenance. Therefore, it is critical to select a table that meets your maintenance requirements and preferences.

7. Budget:

Set a budget for your picnic table purchase and look at possibilities within that range. Prices vary based on the table’s material, size, design, and additional features. It is essential to establish a balance between quality, longevity, and price.

By taking these aspects into account, you will be able to select the ideal picnic table for your outside area and needs. Whether you are selecting a picnic table for a park, an outdoor dining table for campuses and a commercial outdoor area, or patio tables for a restaurant, there is a great design waiting for you.

Picnic Table Garden Picnic Table CAT-035N-2
Garden Picnic Table CAT-035N

In conclusion, Canaan recognizes the importance of choosing an appropriate picnic table for the outdoor setting. As a leading site furnishings company in Canada, we provide a diverse selection of picnic tables that are intended to improve the aesthetics, utility, and sustainability of public places. Our team of professionals can help you choose the ideal picnic table that matches your needs and surpasses your expectations. With our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, you can rely on Canaan for all of your picnic table requirements.

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